Maika Garnica
°1992, Dendermonde, Belgium


Master of Research in Art and Design/ St. Lukas School of Arts/ Antwerp (BE)

Master of Fine Arts - Sculpture/ Royal Academy of Fine Arts/ Antwerp (BE)
Erasmus Program (feb 2014 - june 2014)/ Haute École d'Art et de Design/ Geneva (CH)

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Sculpture/ Royal Academy of Fine Arts/ Antwerp (BE)


To spin turn rotate/ Soil collective/ Brussels
FUTURES NOW/ Extra City Kunsthal/ Antwerp
ASAP/ Pink House/ Antwerp

En Avant Mars/ Music Center De Bijloke/ Ghent
Gravity has no friends/ Fobidden City/ Antwerp
Goodbey show STRTKIT #2/ Air Antwerpen/ Antwerp

Etcetera IV/ SMAK/ Ghent (BE)
Walking traces – audio publication/ Demian Bookshop/ Antwerp
In the wake of his surrounding he fades/ Extra City/ Antwerp (BE)
Tradition Doesn't Graduate/ KOMPLOT/ Brussels (BE)
The Studio Interrupted/ Air Antwerp/ Antwerp (BE)
ManaMa@hole of the fox/ Hole of the fox/ Antwerp (BE)
Billboardproject/ Antwerp (BE)
RECUP/ Theater Zuidpool/ Antwerp(BE)
s.h.o.t.s./ LUCA Mixed Media/ Ghent(BE)
ARIA/ Stadsfeestzaal/ Antwerp(BE)

Silent Circle/ Cinema Zuid/ Antwerp(BE)
Blueprint of Senses/ Locatie Z/ The Hague (NL)
TAZ, Guerilla - interventions / Ostend (BE)
Fris XI/ Jan Colle Gallery/ Ghent (BE)
Latent Encounters- a join in pic nic/ Antwerp (BE)
SHOWCASE2015/ KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)
Abattoir In Situ/ Het oude slachthuis / Antwerp (BE)
Choose a title / Library, KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)
And remember, an Elephant never Forgets!/ De lange zaal/ Antwerp (BE)
Air/ Bourla, KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)

Oops!/ galleria Convoi (Tehtaankatu 27-29)/ Helsinki (FI)
Oops!/ galleria Convoi Duplex (grottes) / Geneva (CH)
À l'État Sauvage/ Maison d'Art & Design/ Tronçais (F)
Ruimte voor de Kleine Dingen/ Middelheimmuseum/ Antwerp (BE)
De Nieuwe Meesters/ De Lange Zaal/ Antwerp (BE)

Vrom me/ Gallery Martin Van Blerk/ Antwerp (BE)
Shapes in Winter/ Wintertuin, KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)
Proportion and Mediation/ Bourla, KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)
Artberg/ Showroom/ Antwerp (BE)


Mobile Autonomy/ Summerschool hosted by lokaal 01, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Middelheimmuseum, Extra City and Arts in Society, , exercises in Artists' Self Organization - a film by Karina Beumer/ Antwep (BE)
Air, project week by Honoré d'Oh/ Bourla/ KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)

Latent Encounters/ Masterclass by Eric Hagoort and Nico Dockx/ St. Petersburg (RU)
À l'État Sauvage/ Masterclass by Nadia Naveau and Nick Andrews/ Tronçais (F)

Proportion and Mediation, projectweek by Luc Deleu/ Bourla, KASKA/ Antwerp (BE)
Muhkademie/ 5th floor, projectweek together with Elisa Braem, Iris Groenland and Chakky Kato, M HKA/ Antwerp (BE)


Prize Jan Van Rijswijckcentrum 2016/ WARP/ Sint- Niklaas (BE)
Prize Academia Belgica, academic year 2014-2015/ KASKA/ Rome (IT)